New certification logos and titles for all HypZert valuers

We have extensively renovated our certification logos. You can now download them from your Valuers Corner. 

In addition to the logo update, the short title that you can use as an active valuer has been streamlined, making it easier for you to use: 

Change of title using the example of certification for mortgage lending valuation 

  • previous title: CIS HypZert (MLV) new title: HypZert MLV 

Your certificate and stamp will remain valid. For reasons of sustainability, we have decided against producing new stamps for all valuers. New HypZert valuers already receive their stamp with the new designation. Upon request, the new stamps will be made available in digital form. 

HypZert valuers can find further information on the use of the logos, the logos themselves and detailed descriptions in the library in their Valuers Corner. Among other things, you can also find our new guideline "Logo Regulation" here. 


Sandra Wilke

Sandra Wilke

Marketing and Communication

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