HypZert GmbH offers HypZert Real Estate Valuer for Financial Purposes or real estate valuers with a comparable qualification the possibility to take a delta examination to become a HypZert Real Estate Valuer for Market Value Analysis abroad.

More details on the certification can be found in our certification brochure. 

Certification Examination

Structure and duration of the written examination:

Part I: Preparation of a market value analysis in accordance with internationally recognised valuation methods. 

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Part II: Answering of individual questions on various topics from the examination catalogue.

Duraction: 2 hours.

Price list

Processing of application: 500 €

One-off participation in the written examination: 1,700 €

Repetition of written examination: 1,200 €

Annual monitoring fee: 740 €

All prices excl. of VAT.


Required Documents HypZert M


Form of application HypZert M


Certification Agreement and Agreement on Dispute Resolution


Appraisal requirements (only available in German)


Request for recertification


Privacy Statement for Certification Procedure


Sandra Schröder

Sandra Schröder

Certification, Accounting

+49 (0) 30 206 229 13 schroeder@hypzert.de

Antje Knoblich

Antje Knoblich

Certification, Examination

+49 (0) 30 206 229 15 knoblich@hypzert.de