General Information

How can I be sure that a person is certified? 

Our Valuers Search lists all HypZert valuers with a valid certification. 

If you cannot find the person you are looking for via the Valuers Search, please contact HypZert ( 

What is the added value of a certification? 

On the one hand, a certification as a HypZert Real Estate Valuer naturally has many advantages for you as a certified valuer, but on the other hand it is also beneficial for your employer, who also benefits from your know-how, the professional image of a HypZert valuer and the large HypZert network: 

  • Recognition & proof of quality: Various directives and regulations require a sufficient qualification of the valuer, especially for properties outside the small loan limit. Proof of this qualification is easily provided with the HypZert certificate for all examinations (ECB, BaFin, internal audit, etc.) The certificate has been recognised by all institutions for many years. 
  • Reference works: The valuer has access at all times to extensive specialist literature, presentations and publications on valuation topics. Our publications are highly recognised in the financial sector.  
  • Network: The valuer can attend all regional group meetings (Germany/Europe-wide) free of charge and thus has access to an extensive network. In addition, these events are accepted as part of your CPD. 
  • Knowledge: HypZert offers an annual online update on all topics relevant to real estate valuation in order to keep the valuers up to date and at the best level of knowledge (in German only). 
  • Further training & network: Participation in the HypZert Annual Convention (exclusively for HypZert valuers) is very inexpensive, as it is subsidised by us, is regarded as further training and is a meeting place for valuers in the financial sector. The participants can choose between various seminar topics and access all contents, thus having a comprehensive overview of all currently important topics concerning real estate valuation. While most sessions are held in German, there is also always a slot of seminars in English language. 

What kind of reports must be submitted for admission? 

There are differences depending on the certification requested. You can find detailed information on this in our Certification Brochure. 


What does an exam cost?  
The fees for each individual certification can be found in our Certification Brochure in the price list. 

When does the next certification exam take place and by when do I have to apply? 
All dates for the certification exams can be found here or via the side menu under "Events". 

Who offers preparation courses? 
As a certification body HypZert does not offer any training courses to prepare for the exams. If you wish to learn in a group and meet colleagues at the same time, we recommend the preparation courses (including study letters) at our partner academies. For the CIS HypZert (MLV) exam, the vdpPfandbriefAkademie exclusively offers specialized training courses.

Is it possible to take the exam without prior training? 
A prior training course is not a mandatory requirement for taking the exam, but it is recommended.  

What attachments must be included with the reports to be submitted? 
The reports should contain not more than 4 photos of the object and a site map.  


Which valuation reports (type of property) may be submitted for monitoring purposes?  
The reports must be selected by you according to your certification. In other words, for the MLV certification, do not submit standard residential properties (single family home, condominium/apartment), but commercial properties (office, retail or mixed use, logistics etc.) or a managed property (hotel, restaurant, etc.). 

For recertification to HypZert F, the valuation of at least one predominantly commercially used property must be submitted.

What formalities should I pay attention to when submitting valuation reports for monitoring or recertification purposes?
Please only submit valuation reports with a valuation date no longer than two years ago. Your reports should not exceed 30 pages. Please submit your complete report (market value and mortgage lending value) as one pdf document, including a site plan and property photos (exterior and interior). A total of 4 photos is usually sufficient.

Continuing Professional Development / Further training

When and where can I submit my CPD days?
You can enter your training days under “My certification” in your personal area of the Valuers Corner. You can only submit your CPD after you have received our e-mail with the request to enter your seminars. This happens approx. 3 months before your certification date. 

In which period do I have to complete my CPD? 
The monitoring period begins with the certification date. Example: Your certificate was issued on the 12 of July. Your monitoring period begins on 12 July and ends on 11 July of the following year. 

What happens if I could not attend 3 training days because, for example, the seminar was cancelled or I was ill? 
In such cases you can simply make up for the missing days in the next monitoring period. Please just send us a short e-mail that you would like to make use of this exception ( 

When do I have to submit a confirmation of participation? 
This must only be submitted in the case of a random test. You will receive a separate e-mail with the request for record of confirmation. The confirmation of participation must indicate the duration and content of the seminar. Registrations or proof of payment are not regarded as proof of participation. 

I cannot find any seminars at short notice to fulfil the obligation to attend further training. Do you accept online seminars? 
In general, we also accept online seminars, as long as the evidence of further education lists the trainer or lecturer, the duration (in hours) and the topics. 

How do I obtain a certificate of participation in HypZert seminars?
We only issue certificates of participation for our seminars on request. As proof of participation in a HypZert seminar as further training for the three days of training you require as part of your further training obligations, we keep lists of participants and do not request certificates of participation here. Should you nevertheless require a certificate, for example for your employer, please contact Ms Ibeneit (

When and how will the request for the training days to be submitted be made? 
The request is made automatically by e-mail, approx. 3 months before the certification date.  


Will the validity period of my certificate be prolonged if I suspend my certification, e.g. due to parental leave? 
No, a suspension of certification has no effect on the validity of your certificate or the validity is not extended by this period. The expiry date is printed on your certificate. 

What do I have to do if I want to suspend my certification? 
Please let us know by e-mail ( when exactly and for how long you would like to suspend your certification. 

What happens if I suspend my certification? 
You are no longer on the list of our certified valuers and are exempt from annual monitoring. The right to use the HypZert logo is lost for the period of suspension. No monitoring fee is charged during the period of suspension. It will then be charged pro rata depending on the length of the suspension. 

Can I attend regional group meetings or the Annual Convention during suspension? 
Of course you may attend the meetings and thus collect training days which you can then submit after your suspension. 

I have ended my suspension. How many training days do I have to submit? 

After the end of the suspension of certification, increased further training (up to two additional days) shall be demonstrated and/or the submission of additional reports is required. You are also welcome to spread the additional training over the next monitoring periods. Please simply inform us of this by e-mail ( if you wish to end your suspension. 


May I use the HypZert logo on my website, e-mail signature, letterhead etc.? 
No, the HypZert logo may not be used. If you have a valid certification you may use the corresponding logo belonging to your certification. You can find this as a download in your Valuers Corner in the library. The exact guidelines for use can be found in our Certification Brochure, paragraph 3.7.