As the world continues to grapple with the health and economic crises brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, professional valuers are playing a key role in helping to stabilise, and bring confidence to business and financial markets.

With so many unknowns ahead of us, and with new policy and market-based developments announced on a daily basis, keeping abreast of the current state is vital for all valuers. In support of this, the IVSC's Advisory Forum is convening a live forum of international experts on a bi-monthly basis to share the latest developments as they relate to valuations and the valuation profession.

Leading experts from Asia, Oceania, Europe, Middle East, and the Americas are providing regular updates on domestic policy direction, market sentiment and professional best practice in the context of the unwinding pandemic.

On the part of HypZert, Wolfgang Kälberer, long-time representative of the vdp and now a member of the IVSC Europe Board on behalf of HypZert, is one of the speakers (from minute 24).

You have the opportunity to watch all presentations in this video.


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