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You will find the bundled know-how of our eleven Professional Groups, their dedicated members, core work areas and publications in your HypZert Valuers Corner.

We would like to thank all members of the Professional Groups for their extraordinary commitment!

HypZert Statements

In our series "HypZert Statements", you can learn more from the perspective of a long-standing Professional Group member: Manuel Jahn, Head of Business Development at Habona Invest GmbH in Hamburg.

Mr Jahn has extensive expertise in retail real estate. In 2017, he initiated the Habona Invest Report. This annual industry report on the topic of retail real estate evaluates the opportunities and risks of real estate from the user perspective.

As an external member, Manuel Jahn has been contributing this expertise to the HypZert Professional Group Retail  for many years and therefore has a very close relationship with HypZert and the HypZert valuers.


Tanja Reiß

Tanja Reiß

Managing Director and Deputy Manager of Certification Body

+49 (0) 30 206 229 0

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