vdpResearch Property Information System

vdpResearch presented its new property information system LIS at the HypZert anniversary annual convention. Exclusively for HypZert valuers, LIS provides sound property and market data for the valuation of residential properties.

The data, which complies with the regulations for determining the market and mortgage lending value, is compiled in a clear report. The report consists of the following components:

  • The property data include land values and production costs on the one hand and property-related tangible value factors, comparative prices, comparative rents and property interest rates on the other, which are continuously derived from transactions actually carried out.
  • The location data includes above all the flood risk, concrete information on the residential location including micro-location grade and numerous points of interest and points of sale.
  • The market data include demographic and economic development. They provide a differentiated overview of the housing stock and new housing construction and present the result of housing supply and demand on the basis of the development of housing vacancy rates, rents and prices. The presentation covers longer periods (> 10 years) in order to also meet regulatory requirements.

After entering the address and the corresponding property parameters in the LIS web portal, the report can be downloaded directly as a PDF and attached to the report.

HypZert valuers can access the LIS property information system exclusively via the overview page of their Valuers Corner.

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