The HypZert Professional Group International has published a new brief study on the Renewable Energy Directive2018/2001/EU RED II.

Uniform requirements for reducing CO2 emissions as well as reducing the consumption of fossil fuels have already been adopted at European level in the past. The goal of RED II (Renewable Energy Directive) is to increase energy production from renewable sources to 32% throughout Europe. Now these targets are gradually being transposed into national law by the member states. The respective countries formulate the target positions and values independently. Valuation professionals should take these changes into account when carrying out valuations.

Therefore, in its new short study, the Professional Group International examines the characteristic country specifics regarding certification labels as well as laws and regulations in some European countries and, for comparison, also in the USA.

We would like to thank the members of the HypZert Professional Group International, Patrick Brause, Kilian Königsberger, Meike Opfermann, Evelyn Schrezenmeier, Anja Senger, Roderick Smorenburg and Mark Veit for this informative paper!

As usual, HypZert valuers can find the brief study in the library of your Valuers Corner under "Studies".

For all others, it is available for purchase in the HypZert Shop.

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