In the format of a newsletter, the HypZert Professional Group Industrial provides information on the current market situation for industrial real estate.

Plant closures, disruption of supply chains, short-time work and resulting production declines are some of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry sector. Nevertheless, the situation of industrial real estate overall has been quite stable so far. The sector has hardly been affected by rent deferrals, reductions or contract terminations. At present, the members of the Professional Group therefore see no reason for lump-sum value reductions. However, the situation varies greatly from region to region.

In an interview with the Professional Group, Martin Czaja, speaker of the Executive Board of BEOS AG, reports on the experiences to date and the effects of the crisis on his company's portfolio. Even though the valuation of industrial real estate requires an exact case-by-case analysis, especially in the current situation, the presented key figures and trend descriptions are intended to provide assistance for the valuation of industrial real estate.

Although the information looks primarily at the industrial sector in Germany, the general findings should be applicable to other regions, too.

We would like to thank the members of the Professional Group: Wago Habbes, Dirk Fischer-Appelt, Oliver Hahnke, Carsten Ksiazek, Reinhard Möllers, Thorsten Wölfl and Holger Wortha for compiling the information.

As usual, you will find the publication in the library of your Valuers Corner under "Studies"

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