Today, more than 25 years later, HypZert has long been the largest certification body for real estate valuers in Germany - with over 2,000 certified valuers in the meantime. The mortgage lending value it advocates has also become synonymous with high-quality real estate valuation internationally, and not just since the financial crisis. Accordingly, the HypZert certificate is a natural requirement for new hires at most institutes and valuation companies in this country. Today, valuers around the world are interested in acquiring such a certificate. Valuation companies themselves have been proudly displaying the seal " Approved by HypZert" in their names for years if they fulfil the requirements. Certified valuers have long organised themselves under the HypZert logo in order to develop method papers on specific valuation issues in a multitude of working groups, which not infrequently become the industry standard. And last but not least, it is HypZert's long-standing university activities that ensure that the profession of real estate appraiser also attracts the interest of the all-important next generation.

Here's to many more successful years

Together with my colleagues, the valuers and all those who have contributed to it, I am pleased about the success of this oldest subsidiary of the vdp, in which all associations of the German banking industry now hold shares.

Here's to many more successful years of joint work for high quality in real estate valuation!


We would like to thank Jens Tolckmitt for his congratulations and look forward to continuing such a successful cooperation with the vdp!

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