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Berlin, 2018-08-01 | Press release

IVSC Membership


On becoming a member of the IVSC, HypZert joins one of the world's largest and best known standard setters in the valuation field. The network, which includes sponsors such as the World Bank, brings together more than 380,000 specialists from 103 countries and nearly 100 member organisations.

The aim of the IVSC is to develop and publish internationally recognised valuation standards and achieve worldwide harmonisation of different valuation practices. Since 1985, the IVSC has been publishing the globally established International Valuation Standards (IVS), which were last updated in 2017, and since 2016, the IVSC has also been collaborating with the World Association of Valuation Organisations (WAVO).

The Chairman of the IVSC's Board of Trustees, Sir David Tweedie, comments as follows on HypZert's membership of the IVSC:

"The IVSC's mission as a not-for-profit public interest organisation is to enhance quality and rigour throughout the global valuation profession, helping to build confidence and trust in financial markets worldwide. It is an important mission and not one that can be achieved unilaterally. In many ways, the IVSC is defined by the network of organisations around the world which are working together to elevate our global profession. The inclusion of HypZert in that network ensures leading German valuation expertise will inform IVS and contribute to our common goal."

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Dagmar Knopek, member of the management board of Aareal Bank AG and chairman of the supervisory board of HypZert GmbH, adds:

"In an increasingly international and complex banking environment, shaped more and more by regulatory requirements, consistent, transparent and reliable valuation standards are of great importance. I therefore specifically welcome the fact that HypZert is joining this prestigious network and can contribute its expertise to the future development of long-term and sustainable value concepts for financing purposes."

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