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C&V Award

Since 2001, HypZert GmbH has been awarding the International Certification & Valuation Award to honour innovative and pioneering developments, projects and articles on every aspect of real estate valuation.


Experts in the field of real estate valuation are called to apply for the prize. The festive awards ceremony takes place every year on the occasion of the Annual HypZert Convention. The winner of the Certification & Valuation Award is selected by an expert jury and awarded the small bronze sculpture by the artist Norvin Leineweber shown here.


Anyone interested can send his contribution in German or English to HypZert GmbH. No formal application is required.


The winners thus far:

Certification & Valuation Award 2019

Wolf-Dieter Haase, representative of all coordinators of the eleven HypZert regional groups for their great voluntary commitment, their important contribution to the current technical knowledge of all valuers and for the maintenance of the HypZert network throughout Germany and Europe.

Certification & Valuation Award 2016

Wolfgang Kälberer, Head of the vdp office in Brussels, for the many years of outstanding work for the mortgage lending value at national and international level.

Certification & Valuation Award 2014

Rudolf Baumgartner, Managing Director of M-Wert GmbH, for his many years of service and dedication as a lecturer in preparation courses for the HypZert exam.

Certification & Valuation Award 2013

Yves Ulrich, LBBW, representative for all 65 members of the eight HypZert Professional Groups for their great commitment in the group work as well as in the preparation of numerous publications on special topics around real estate valuation.

Certification & Valuation Award 2010/2011 in Platinum

Raymond Trotz, long-standing senior valuer at HVB/Unicredit as well as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and founding father of HypZert GmbH, for his extraordinary and tireless commitment to the professionalization of German and international real estate valuation.

Certification & Valuation Award 2006/2007

Nicolas Katzung, Immobilien-Zeitung, Wiesbaden, has been reporting for several years with great commitment on events affecting national and international real estate markets as well as on property valuation methods and procedures.

Certification & Valuation Award 2004/2005

Günter Wattig, Head of Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting (RAC) of Eurohypo AG, Stuttgart, for his merits as long-standing lecturer in the qualification of real estate valuers.

Certification & Valuation Award 2003/2004

Committee for Valuation Issues of the Association of German Mortgage Banks e.V. for its contribution to a better understanding of mortgage lending value, in particular for the “Paper on principles regarding the mortgage lending value of real estate”, “The essential aspects in determining the mortgage lending value”, “Determining the mortgage lending value on the basis of foreign valuations” and its work regarding all aspects of real estate valuation for “Securitisation”.

Certification & Valuation Award 2002/2003

Wolfgang Crimmann, Regional Director of DG Hyp AG Köln, for the guide to qualification and further training regarding the topic of “Mortgage lending valuation of commercial and residential properties”.

Certification & Valuation Award 2001/2002

Krzysztof Kanigowski, Polish National Bank, for his commitment regarding the acceptance of the mortgage lending value (official title in Poland: mortgage bank property value)

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